N97 Applications & Google Nexus Phones

I’ve recently been taking a look at my website analytics and noticed I’m still getting a large amount of visitors to a previous article I wrote on how to uninstall the default applications present on the Nokia N97 phone. For those still carrying the trusty N97, I also wrote a tutorial on how to free up disk space on the N97, as (compared to today’s smartphones) it was very limited.

Personally, I haven’t used a Nokia phone in a long time. I’ve been going through a series of Android powered phones, the Google Nexus phones, after leaving Nokia and its Symbian OS:

  1. Nexus One – was a fantastic phone for its time, but software updates stopped quite earlier on due to hardware limitations. This could still be used for basic web browsing, phone calls, texts and emails without any problems for most people.
  2. Nexus S – the second Google phone, still great and much higher hardware specifications than the Nexus One. I’ve had this phone for a substantial amount of time and Google kept up the software up-to-date very well. It is only recently this has declined.
  3. Nexus 4 – my current phone. I skipped the Galaxy Nexus (the third Google phone) as I really had no need to upgrade at the time, but as of a few months back the Nexus S I had was really starting to show its age. Frequent slow down and a seeming inability to run the newer software updates at an acceptable speed. The Nexus S would still, I imagine, be easily fast enough for most users, especially those new to smartphones, but the slow down niggles were starting to bug me. The Nexus 4 is a huge upgrade from the Nexus S, with a quad-core processors and much greater storage space. It’s a fantastic phone.


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