Media Mentions

I’ve been interviewed on a few podcasts, have written guest blog articles, and have been mentioned in opinion pieces and news articles. This page features a few of these.

If you’d like to talk, the best ways to get hold of me are on my contact page.

Password Exposed on PHPUgly podcast

14th March 2018

The open source `password_exposed` package I created was featured in epsiode 98 of the PHPUgly podcast. This package checks if a password has been exposed in data breach.

PHPUgly episode 98 View package on GitHub

Indie Dev Spotlight with Jupiter Hadley

4th August 2017

I was interviewed by Jupiter Hadley on the topics of game development and game jams for her Indie Developer Spotlight podcast series.

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Bitcoins, What Are They [...]?

7th April 2017

I wrote a guest post for the Brainy Beard website, which focuses on articial intelligence and other tech. topics. This article explains in simple terms what bitcoins are, and how you can buy, store and use them.

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Bitcoin Plays Pokémon

5th March 2016

At the beginning of 2016, I was interview by the Bitcoinist podcast about an interactive experiment I created in which gamers could send Bitcoin to a virtual controller and cooperatively play a game of Pokémon.

Bitcoinist article Bitcoinist interview Personal write-up

Business 2 Community Articles

2014 - 2015

Various articles I wrote for the Business 2 Community website were published. Thse mostly covered topics of open source software, web development and security.

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